Western Guaranty, one of the largest, most credible and stable non-life insurance companies in the country, celebrates its past 50 years by gearing towards a stronger future.

Treasurer Lawrence Ang affirms I am very confident that we can do better in the next 50 years not only because we were able to survive the past 50 years but for the reason that we are committed to expand and work hard to serve our clients to the fullest.

The company is off to a good start with an anticipated expansion that challenges to cover a larger network of Filipinos and break into the top tier of the non-life insurance industry in the Philippines within the next five years. Part of the expansion is a broader array of products and services that manages to be both innovative and traditional.

These products, while modern and responsive to the needs of Filipino people of this day, remain loyal to the company’s age-old philosophy of a family business service. That means personalized service.

Western Guaranty treats everyone as family from our employees, our agents and brokers, all the way to our clients. We have employees and clients who have been with us from the start, Claire Chua, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Western Guaranty, says, Why? Because they trust us and we always make sure that we live up to that.


Qualified applicants of any EastWest Bank credit card will be provided with free accident hospital insurance benefits from Western Guaranty.

Once a credit card application is approved and activated, the cardholder and his or her family automatically gets covered by Western Guaranty.

This is part of Western Guaranty’s thrust of providing security and peace of mind to a larger number of Filipinos.


MicroEnsure Philippines, a global insurance intermediary specializing in microinsurance, and Western Guaranty Corporation join together to bring Abono Seguro, a weather index-based insurance, to the farmers of Region 2.

Abono Seguro is designed to protect farmers and their crops against unforeseen events. Insurance benefits for farms menaced by excessive rainfall, drought, and typhoons are delivered in the form of discounted prices for fertilizers. Farmers are covered by accidental death insurance and bereavement assistance.

The primarily agricultural Region 2 is a consistent top corn producer and accounts for 21% of the country’s total corn production. With Abono Seguro, food production in Region 2 will be enhanced, giving the farmers security even in the face of disaster.


Western Guaranty expands beyond mere insurance coverage with WRAP or Western Road Assistance Program. By providing free roadside emergency assistance as part of the insurance package, Western Guaranty goes out of its way to help clients and deliver a service that is truly personal.

It is products like these and the loyalty of employees and clients who have been with the company for the past 50 years, that give Atty. Levy Ang, chairman of Western Guaranty, the confidence to achieve the company’s set goals. Indeed, Western Guaranty is steadily climbing the ranks toward the top non-life insurance companies.

But not all successes can be measured in years or in ranks or in any other numerical scale. Some successes are simply beyond measure. Peace of mind. Comfort. Security.

Ranks speak only of numbers. I would like to see Western Guaranty make a real difference by providing protection to a larger number of our countrymen who are the most exposed to calamities and natural disasters, Atty. Levy Ang says.

Since its beginnings in 1964, it has been the dream of Western Guaranty to provide more than just quality insurance products, but also to create a great difference in Filipino lives. That is why they have been working dedicatedly for the past 50 years and will continue to do so for many years to come. In this, they give their guaranty.

We may not be the biggest company and may not have the biggest profit, but I tell you that Western Guaranty will last for another 50 years or even more, said President Evelyn Ang.