• Comprehensive General Liability

This policy answers for the legal liabilities of the insured arising out of accidents, in connection with the conduct of his business.

  • Golfer’s Insurance

Golfer’s Insurance provides complete protection for all golfers, which makes a golfer’s dream come true.  It provides protection whenever you hit the fairway or driving range.  It also covers the golfer’s equipment, so you can relax knowing that your investment is protected.

  • Equipment Floater

All hazards of physical loss or damage to the equipment caused by external causes are insured.

  • Merchandize Floater

Covers the expenses incurred from loss or damage of the following:

  • Insured goods/merchandise goods due to Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Collision, Overturning or Upset of Conveyance, Collapse or Subsidence of Bridges, Flood, Typhoon, Cyclone, Tornado, Robbery, Hijacking.
  • Actual loading and unloading from the land conveyance.
  • Burglary or robbery upon carrying conveyance whilst the same is on stop at an allowed territory.
  • Money, Security, and Payroll Insurance

This policy covers for loss of money and securities of the Insured in the declared premises or money or securities being conveyed by a messenger, armored service provider, or any authorized employee of the insured, to the bank, office, or any designated location.

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