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Return, Refund, and Cancellation


Should you be entitled to a refund on the Policy purchased, the refund shall be made through a check which shall be made payable to the person named as a payee (or depositor in case of bank deposit) in the payment mode you used to pay for your order of the Policy. Western Guaranty Corporation may change the refund process at any time at its discretion. While the WGC aims to effect a refund at the soonest possible time, the processing of your refund may take time.

Within three (3) days from delivery of the Policy, you must contact WGC and notify them of your complaint regarding any of the following:

  • the Policy delivered is not the one you ordered;
  • the Policy delivered does not correspond to the description listed on the website;
  • the Policy delivered does not include the complete insurance benefits and/or coverage specified on the website;
  • the Policy information does not correspond to the information of the Customer intended to be the end-user of the Policy

WGC’s Action

Western Guaranty Corporation shall endeavor to reply and act on your concern within thirty (30) days. Should more time be needed, the WGC may ask you for an extension of another thirty (30) days or as needed in the event of an investigation.

Contract Cancellation

Upon your request

Subject to WGC’s approval, you may request to terminate the Policy and WGC will strive to accommodate your request on a commercially reasonable effort basis.

Upon WGC’s determination

Without prejudice to any other right, WGC may terminate the Policy by notifying you in writing at any time should any of the following happen or be present:

  • the Policy becomes unavailable;
  • there was a mistake or error in the premium list for the Policy; or,
  • you wrongfully neglect or refuse to accept the Policy or you are in breach of any other obligation under these Terms of Sale.

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