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• Contractor’s All Risk
Contractor’s All Risks Insurance (CARI) covers buildings and civil engineering projects during construction against accidents resulting in loss, damage, or destruction of materials, works in progress, construction plant and equipment, and construction machinery. Perils covered under this plan are fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake, landslide, tsunami, storm, typhoon, flood, negligence, malicious act, human error, theft, and burglary.

Examples of construction projects are the following:


✔ Residential Houses & Condominiums
✔ Office Buildings & Commercial Buildings
✔ Hospitals
✔ Schools

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✔ Roads


✔ Factories
✔ Power Plants

• Erection All Risk (EAR)
Insurance against accidents resulting in damage or destruction to machinery, equipment, and apparatus during the process of erection or installation. Erection All Risks Insurance may be taken out for installation of individual machinery or the erection of complete factories and industrial plants such as electric power stations, sugar mills, plywood plants, cement plants, steel mills, paper mills, textile mills, oil refineries, fertilizer and chemical plants, food processing plants, etc.

• Electronic Equipment Insurance (EEI)
An accident insured on an “all risks” basis for electronic equipment such as:

a. Electronic Data Processing Equipment (EDP Equipment)
b. Electrical and radiation equipment for medical use such as electrocardiographs, x-ray, and other radiation equipment
in hospitals and medical laboratories, etc.
c. Communication facilities such as telephone exchanges, radio, television, and communication apparatus, etc.
d. Miscellaneous equipment such as film and television studio equipment, automatic addressing, booking and invoicing
machines, etc.

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