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Buhay-Bahay-Kabuhayan is a MICRO-INSURANCE plan approved and endorsed by the Insurance Commission designed to make insurance more accessible, comprehensible, and affordable to a larger number of Filipinos. This plan will financially assist victims of prevalent disasters or calamities such as Fire, Typhoon, Flood, Earthquake, Accident to recover from its damaging effects to the most indispensable possessions of any individual – Buhay, Bahay, & Kabuhayan.

There are different plan benefits and annual premiums offered but only to groups of at least 20 individuals. All we need is a list of names of the individuals to be covered, address, birth date, beneficiary & relationship. Upon payment of the premium, a Master Policy will be issued for the group, individual Certificates will be given to each insured.

The age eligibility of the insured shall be at least 15 years old at the time of coverage and shall not be renewable after the end of the period of insurance when the insured attains the age of 65 years. Eligible beneficiaries are legal spouse and children if married; parents, brothers, or sister if single.

Total Permanent Disability shall mean:

a) Loss of the Limbs
b) Loss of both hands
c) Total loss of sight of both eyes
d) Loss of both feet
e) Accident resulting in being permanently bed-ridden,
f) Any other injury-causing total permanent disability

The Underwriting Dept. has the option to accept or decline an application, or limit the company’s maximum amount of acceptance per application.

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