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Buhay-Bahay-Kabuhayan is Western Guaranty’s basic Microinsurance plan approved and endorsed by the Insurance Commission designed to make insurance more accessible, comprehensible, and affordable to a larger number of Filipinos.

This plan will financially assist victims of prevalent disasters or calamities recover from its damaging effects to their most indispensable possessions such as personal dwellings, personal belongings including items used for livelihood – Buhay, Bahay, & Kabuhayan.

Western Guaranty has different kinds of Microinsurance Plans tailored to your needs, income and level of risk. There are different plan benefits and annual premium offered to groups of at least 20 individuals.

Initial documents required in case of claim:

  • ? Police Report or Affidavit of Incident
  • ? Insured’s Birth Certificate & Death Certificate
  • ? Beneficiary’s Birth Certificate
  • ? Marriage Contract (if applicable)

Valid claims will be processed immediately and will be paid not later than 10 days from completion of all requirements.

Disclaimer : The Underwriting Department has the option to accept or decline an application, or limit the company’s maximum amount of acceptance or limit the amount of coverage.


Western Guaranty Microinsurance

WGC PreparedCARD is a one-time availment prepaid
Microinsurance Plan for personal emergency situations
such as:
? Accidental death
? Total diasblement or dismemberment due to accident
? Fire
? Earthquake
? Use of Emergency Room for emergency cases

All these for only P750.

A list of accredited hospitals can be found here .

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Policy Coverage & Conditions

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