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Perils Covered

(For properties of all qualified members of the household within the declared premises)

•  Fire & Lightning

•  Earthquake Fire/Shock

•  Typhoon/Flood

•  Extended Coverage

•  Malicious Damage (Caused by Riots/Strikes)

•  Broad Water Damage

•  Robbery/Burglary (Limited to 10% of Insurance Coverage of house contents only)

Personal Accident Insurance

•  Accidental Death and Disablement for the Insured and/or Spouse up to age 65

•  Accidental Death for each child (single) below 21 years old who is still living with the insured (max. of 2).

•  Accidental Death and Disablement for each Household Help up to age 65, if any. (Max. of 2)

•  Bereavement Benefit for the Insured/Spouse up to age 65, only caused by Natural Illness

•  Burial Assistance for the Insured/Spouse up to age 65, caused by accident

Comprehensive General Liability Insurance (Liabilities to Third-Party)

•  Bodily injury per person

•  Property Damage per accident

•  Combined Aggregate Limit (CSL) for BI/PD

Animal Bites Expense

for pet Dog and Cat bites to Third-Party while within the Insured’s premises

Other Insuring Conditions

      1. Effectivity date of the Policy shall commence upon receipt of the duly accomplished Application Form and issuance of the Policy.
    1. All policies with P5.0 million and below the value of the Sum Insured can be issued immediately upon receipt of the duly accomplished Application Form.
    2. All premium payments received in advance without an issued policy but submitted the accomplished Application Form, shall be subject to this clause: WARRANTED NO LOSS UPON RECEIPT THEREOF.
    3. All policies with a Sum Insured over P5.0 million shall be subject to submission of the latest survey report.
    4. Applicable to all CLASS A RESIDENTIAL RISK ONLY.

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