Your welfare and the welfare of those who rely on you are foremost in your list. That’s why Western Guaranty developed a comprehensive Personal Accident Insurance to take care of you during your time of needs. This provides monetary compensation for expenses or loss of income brought about by death or bodily injury arising out of accident.

The following benefits are available:

Accidental Death – 意外死亡

Should the Insured die within 12 calendar months from the date of the bodily injury, provided that such bodily injury was sustained during the term of policy period, Western Guaranty will pay the beneficiary the sum insured.

Permanent Disablement/Dismemberment – 永久禁用

Permanent and total disability is defined as one preventing the insured permanently and totally from engaging each and every duties or employment for a period of twelve (12) calendar months after the accident. Should the Insured suffer bodily injury resulting to permanent disablement, this plan pays an amount equal to the sum insured based on the limits specified in the policy.

Temporary Disablement – 臨時殘疾人士

Temporary disablement shall mean disability that prevents the Insured from engaging in his occupation temporarily. This plan takes care of your needs according to your policy, such as:

  • Temporary Total – if you suffer disablement that temporarily prevented you from performing each and every duty pertaining to your occupation, this plan pays loss of income under this benefit.
  • Temporary Partial – if you suffer an injury that prevented you from performing at least one (1) important duty, this plan pays loss of income under this benefit.

Medical and Surgical Expenses – 醫療和手術費用

Medical expenses can often be a heavy financial burden. This plan offers protection against medical and hospital expenses arising from accident. The benefit is provided in the form of reimbursement based on the limits specified in the policy.

Products under this cover:

  • Group Personal Accident
  • Individual Personal Accident
  • Motor Vehicle Passenger Personal Accident
  • Scuba Divers Accident

Disclaimer : The Underwriting Department has the option to accept or decline an application, or limit the company’s maximum amount of acceptance or limit the amount of coverage.

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