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Fire and Allied Perils Claim

Checklist of Requirements for Building Claims

  • A civil engineer’s or architect’s detailed estimate (obtained at the expense of the insured) to place the building in the same state of repair as before the loss. (The estimate must not include contemplated improvements but a proper allowance for age and depreciation, etc. must be considered.)
  • Certified copy of building permit.
  • Certified copy of Declaration of Real Property.
  • Copy of plan of the building or sketch prepared by an engineer or architect.
  • Lease Contract if the insured is not the lot owner.
  • Affidavit declaring the date and cost of construction.
  • Repair Invoice/Bill of Materials

Checklist of Requirements for Furniture and Equipment Claims

  • A detailed list of the damaged articles or items showing the cost of each and the date acquired.
  • Records, invoices, receipts, etc., if any.

Checklist of Requirements for Goods and Merchandise (Stock in Trade) Claims

  • Books of accounts, financial statements, purchases, sales invoices, and all other business records.
  • Certified copies of income tax returns of the insured for the last two years.
  • Latest inventory of merchandise filed with the Bureau of Internal Revenue or any government entity prior to the loss.
  • If the damage sustained is partial, a detailed inventory of the damaged articles or items, showing the cost of each, the extent of loss, and salvage value.
  • Affidavit stating the location of other stores or warehouses and amount of insurance on stocks contained therein, if any.

Additional Requirements

Also required for all types of claims above, whether falling under A, B, or C is an affidavit or statement declaring:

  • Nature if ownership of the property insured
  • Location of property
  • Extent of damage, and salvage value
  • Liens and encumbrances, if any
  • Any other information relative to the loss
  • Others (Cert. of Business Name, Business Permit)

Note: The claimant(s) should in every case state the total value of the property covered by the insurance policy or policies, or by the insurance policy or policies, or by the policy provisions under which the claim is made. The company reserved the right to require such additional proofs and documents as it may consider necessary for the ascertainment of the reasonable amount of loss and to support a claim.

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